Symphonic Concert | The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio, Warsaw

14 January 2017, 7:00 pm
The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio, Warsaw

An interview with Jerzy Maksymiuk (on the Meakultura portal, by Magdalena Nowicka) includes the question: ”Aside from conducting, you’re also composing. As a composer, and a conductor for an orchestra, you can conduct performances of your own works. Is that an easy task?” – No, because you get more stage fright than when conducting other people’s works. And yes, because who would know the intention of a piece better than its composer,” replied one of the finest conductors of his generation. The audience of the concert on 14 January will have the rare opportunity to witness an interpretation as faithful as possible, for the charismatic Maestro himself will conduct the performance of his Vers per archi (2014). Still, that is far from the only reason to attend this unique concert!

It will also feature the distinctly romantic Cello Concerto in A minor by Robert Schumann – this late, prophetic piece authored in 1850 was never performed while the composer was alive, and after its premiere (in 1860), it raised controversy due to its extravagant form and outstanding expression. It also failed to sate the ambitions of cello maestros looking for works that highlight their skill (albeit it is far from easy, technique-wise). The author sought to distance himself from the traditional structure of a classicist concerto by titling his work Konzertstück in the original German. It garnered real appreciation only recently, although it continues to be overshadowed by other concertos for the cello. This is all the more reason to experience the interpretation of Bartosz Koziak, one of Poland’s leading cellists and the winner of multiple awards (including the first prize at the 3rd Witold Lutosławski International Cello Competition in Warsaw, the first prize and the special award at the Prague Spring Festival, and the first place at the 11th International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Kraków).

Symphony no. 1 by Dmitri Shostakovich, premiered in 1926, is a work by a man of merely nineteen; it was his graduation piece, completing his studies in composition at the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. Right from the outset it was held in high regard, showcasing the depth of genius of the young composer – it fully demonstrates the originality of his talent and carries clear indications of his characteristic style (such as combining the dramatic, the elevated with elements of irony farce), marking him early on as one of the greatest symphonists of the 20th century.

Bartosz Koziak – Violoncello
Polish Orchestra Sinfonia Iuventus
Jerzy Maksymiuk – Conductor

Jerzy Maksymiuk – Vers per archi
Robert Schumann Concerto, Violoncello, op.129, A minor
Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony No.1, op.10, F minor

Tickets:,, 1h before the concert in the box office of the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio.