Museum of Polish History | 13 April 2024
photo: Piorek Banasik

“I think back to yesterday’s concert in Warsaw, where I conducted the Sinfonia Iuventus orchestra. This is a magnificent ensemble of young artists who gave their all, rising to the heights of musical artistry both in accompanying Hubert Salwarowski in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 and in creating Franck’s Symphony in D minor. Their talent and passion that I experienced will stay in my memory forever! My warmest thanks!”

Jerzy Salwarowski

“These few words are to tell you how impressed I was by the Iuventus Orchestra’s performance of Karol Szymanowski’s Symphony No. 3 at the Beethoven Festival. […] The performance was magnificent. Everything was in order here: the subtle refined lyricism, the neo-romantic ecstasy and the impressionistic colour. […] It was simply a musical feast for me. Never have I heard such a moving performance of this symphony. I left the concert full of emotions. And I am still thinking about it, even though I am writing to you already a good week after the concert. Ah, those climaxes with the magnificent fortissimos of the horns will stay in my memory for a long time. But I wouldn’t want to be unfair, I wouldn’t want to single out any of the musicians. The Iuventus Orchestra, which I like so much and which has played a lot of my music, fully rose to the occasion. Please pass on my deepest appreciation to the musicians”.

Piotr Moss

28th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival | 28 March 2024
photo: Bruno Fidrych
gitarzysta Aniello Desiderio
Jerzy Waldorff Summer Festival in Radziejowice | 29 June 2023
phot. Bartosz Szustakowski

The musicians of Sinfonia Iuventus are full of energy, passion, professional and wonderful sound. Hope to collaborate with them many times in the next future.

Aniello Desiderio

Enchanting Performance, Unforgettable Experience! Performing alongside the Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra in Radziejowice on June 25 was an absolute delight. Their passionate rendition of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 was truly mesmerizing. The orchestra’s enthusiasm and warmth made the experience even more special. A remarkable ensemble that leaves a lasting impression. Bravo!

Martín García García

pianista Martín García García
Jerzy Waldorff Summer Festival in Radziejowice | 25 June 2023
phot. Bartosz Szustakowski
dyrygent JA
27th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival | 4 April 2023
phot. The Ludwig van Beethoven Association

Once again I can only extol virtuous praise on the outstanding professional young musicians of the Sinfonia Iuventus. I have conducted this ensemble and its different constellations for various projects over nearly 12 years, and each time I am awed by the amazing talent, professionalism, engagement, enthusiasm and musicality of this orchestra.  I am impressed how easily these musicians can master even the most difficult repertoire while remaining true to the score.  They are world class in every respect and are the key to a successful musical future in Poland and on the international scene.  Bravo to the Director Piotr Baron and congratulations to all the musicians of Sinfonia Iuventus!

John Axelrod

My dear friends of the orchestra – my heartfelt congratulations on your super playing on the 14th May in the Royal Castle. Performing with such wonderful stage with Handel’s music after only 4 days of rehealsals was an outstanding achievement.
I wish you all great future success in all your musical adventure.

Paul Esswood

dyrygent Paul Esswood
Royal Castle, Warsaw | 14 May 2023
phot. Piotr Banasik
Minister Jarosław Sellin i Dyrektor Sinfonii Iuventus Piotr Baron
Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 3 September 2022
phot. Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

With gratitude for the fact that you are there. This makes the work of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which has the honour of taking care of you, extra meaningful.
With wishes for many more years of success and satisfaction on your 15th anniversary.

Jaroslaw Sellin
Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage

It was so special and meaningful for me to be performing in Warsaw! The last month our world was turned upside down, but music helps us to stay the same, gives us strength, hope and love! Being in Warsaw feels almost as being home, as we are so close from the border with Ukraine, and the energy of support and solidarity from the people here is so powerful! It was a great pleasure for me to perform with Sinfonia Iuventus and maestro Paweł Przytocki. Such an inspiring and natural music making!
Looking forward to the next times! Many, many thanks.

Anna Fedorova

pianistka Anna Fedorova
Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio, Warsaw | 10 March 2022
Phot. Piotr Banasik
Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 5 October 2019
phot. Piotr Banasik

Sinfonia Iuventus is a great initiative that gives young musicians a chance to gain experience in team play, broaden and learn new repertoire, master the skills and present new abilities. Thanks to this project Poland found its place among countries promoting the development of youth artistic performance. Both conducting and listening to Sinfonia Iuventus under the baton of my excellent colleagues was always a satisfying experience. I am looking forward to the next encounter with the young, their ambitions, energy and joy of performing the magnificent art of music.

Tadeusz Strugała

It was a great pleasure! Our best compliments to wonderful young artists!

Aleksandra Kurzak and Roberto Alagna

The 2nd Charity Concert Big Artists to Small Patients | 18 November 2019
Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw  | 12 January 2019
phot. Piotr Banasik

In the past decade I have had opportunity to conduct Jerzy Semkow Polish Sinfonia Iuventus few times. Each concert was a poof that Orchestra is composed of outstanding musicians. However – given its statute – there is a constant rotation in the team, the musicians are always highly prepared and very professional. No wonder: the employees of Sinfonia Iuventus are the best graduates of Polish Music Academies. Moreover they are very enthusiastic about work and music, which does not always happen even in professional and experienced orchestras.

Antoni Wit

I am deeply convinced that the young artists from Sinfonia Iuventus work with great intensity and zeal, striving to fulfil the dream of Maestro Jerzy Semkow – the dream of a young, growing orchestra that could be the hallmark of Poland in the country and abroad.

Krzysztof Jakowicz

Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 5 October 2019
phot. Piotr Banasik
Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 10 May 2019
phot. Piotr Banasik

The orchestra is exceptional, as it is composed of young, passionate musicians. During intense rehearsals for Gustav Mahler’s 4th Symphony, I experienced a unique bond with the people I had not known before. What brings them together is their love for music and the will to build unity, which is crucial in team work. They absorbed every smallest remark, listened carefully to all nuances we spoke of, worked with unusual intensity and followed all of the conductor’s suggestions, enchanted by music and committed to play with the highest quality. It is a very young group and I congratulate them on their enthusiasm, joy, curiosity and, as a result, the artistic effects they achieve.

Agnieszka Duczmal

I am proud of my collaboration with the Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra, with which, over the last two seasons, we have performed piano concertos by Gershwin, Lutosławski and Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A major KV 488 – all at Witold Lutosławski Studio in Warsaw. Ahead of us in 2021 we have, among others, Beethoven and Mozart’s Concerto in D minor KV 466 with maestro Maksymiuk. There are places where I feel at home, such as the aforementioned Sinfonia Iuventus – I love them for their fantastic blend of youth, enthusiasm and professionalism, Łódź Philharmonic, Zielona Góra Philharmonic with my friend maestro Czesław Grabowski and Warsaw Camerata Orchestra with my friend Paweł Kos-Nowicki. Such close human relations are priceless, especially in the current situation!

Paweł Kowalski

Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 10 December 2020
phot. Piotrek  Banasik
flecista Łukasz Długosz
Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio, Warsaw | 19 October 2020
phot. Piotrek  Banasik

I would like to express my sincere thanks for this great pleasure I took in performing with Jerzy Semkow Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra. Every time I am enormously impressed by it. The Orchestra is incredibly open to new repertoire and bubbles up with youthful enthusiasm. This young musicians’ professionalism and passion puts the ensemble on a par with the best Polish orchestras. It copes superbly with demanding repertoire, including contemporary music. Undoubtedly, the excellent artistic and managerial care contributes to the promotion of Polish culture at home and abroad and becomes a source of inspiration in the search for new challenges. I wish you further musical raptures and hope to see you again.

Łukasz Długosz